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Custom Cutting dot net has been in business since 1999.  In that time, we have become the CD industry's preferred source for CD business cards, shaped CD ROM discs, and "die cut" CD ROM discs (we don't use a die). At CCT, we pride ourselves on turnaround time, quality, and outstanding customer service and communication.  With a plant cutting capacity of over 90,000 discs per day, we are the company to turn to for any size project.  Over 95% of all of the jobs we receive are turned within 24 hours of receipt, and a majority of those are turned within one business day.  We understand that your projects are time-sensitive and that a day late is too late.  Let us know when your CDs are coming, and we will schedule production time for your order.

We are the custom-shape leader.

CCN is also the industry leader in the creation of shaped CD-ROM discs.  There are other shaped-CD producers that feel that having three or four points of contact is a sufficient guideline for producing shaped discs.  While this may have been true in the days of the 4x CD-ROM drive, it isn't true today.  A poorly-designed shaped disc are almost always noisy.  Very poorly-designed shaped discs can destroy a drive in a matter of seconds.Shaped CD

The standards for making CD's are now tight enough that having too much silkscreen on one side can actually throw the disc out of specification.   Sony now makes a machine for replicators to test balance of production optical discs.  Our Texas-shaped disc (at right) passed this machine's test at the major industry trade show. 

We know that the appeal of a shaped disc is to get the end user to drop the disc into their CD-ROM drive and look at the content.  But we feel that that generating an interesting shape is only half of our job.  The second half of our job is to make sure that the disc functions reliably so that the end user can focus on the content being displayed.  If the end user keeps looking over at the drive and wondering if it is going to break, the marketing piece obviously loses its effectiveness. 

Since we opened our doors, we have processed all of our custom-shapes in the same way.  Each disc shape that we offer is balanced to a theoretical center of gravity of under 10 microns (0.01 mm) using state of the art 3D CAD programming.  Please feel free to contact us about designing a custom shape for your shaped CD ROM project.  This link about business card CDs and DVDs tells you a little more about the process. 

If you are an end user, please feel free to look around and then click on the "Contact Us" Page.  Let us know a little about your project, and we will refer you to one of our qualified customers who can help you produce your CD business cards or custom shaped CDs.

Business card CD and DVD products.

CD business cards are perfect for trade shows and focused marketing campaigns. With the prices of CDs and DVDs dropping every day, creating shaped CDs and business card CDs for your marketing campaign can give you a leg up from your competition. Not only will the disc have your information on it, but you can add something about your company on the media.

If you need help with information regarding CD business cards, DVD business cards, or any shaped media donít hesitate to call. We can answer all of your questions. We know a lot of the replicators out there and can also help you find one that will help you get your business card CD project, or shaped CD project produced.



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