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CD Business Cards:

CD business cards are perfect for trade shows and focused marketing campaigns.   Establishing brand identity is critical in the new age of marketing and advertising. When was the last time you saw a computer without a CD-ROM drive?  CD business cards are the perfect way to exploit that fact!  

The Process:

Custom Cutting Technologies' customers have compact discs produced through their normal replication channels.  The discs are shipped to our facility here.  They are checked in and cut to the specified CD business card template.  The business cards are then packaged per your specifications and either blind shipped to your customer, or shipped back to your facility.  


Most other cutting services will require some placement of their logo or information on your CD business cards.  Either silkscreening on the face graphic, or branding within the mirror band.   When that business card gets passed around, and people try to figure out where to get these things made, where do you think they will go?  To the company with their information on the disc, more than likely.  We want your customers to remain your customers.  We stay behind the scenes throughout the entire process, allowing you to brand your CD business cards as you see fit!

Specifications for CD Business Cards: 

Cutting any CD will decrease the amount of data music, audio, video, MB of information, etc. that the disc can hold.  Our templates page shows the content of all of our CD business card templates.  In addition to the templates for our shaped CDs.

We recommend using the guidelines contained on this site concerning our templates (located on useful things).  CCT is not responsible for cutting through the silkscreen if the artwork on the disc is intentionally or accidentally run through the cut path.  Please e-mail with any questions concerning this.  We will also be happy to look at the artwork file for your CD business card project.  Just e-mail us when you get ready to submit it to your film house.

CCT offers several basic shapes for CD business cards. There is no programming charge for any CD business cards that take one of these shapes.  

DVD Business Cards

So your customer wants a CD business card, but he can't get his content down below 200MB.  Why not recommend a DVD business card?  DVD-5 business cards offer about a 6 to 1 ratio of data storage for the same sized CD business card.  This means a 58mm card that holds 40MB on CD will hold over 200MB on a 58mm DVD-5 card, and an 80mm mini DVD-5 will hold over 1 gigabyte worth of information.  Our pricing is the same to cut DVD's as CD business cards, and the process is very similar, but there are a few details that you need to know about.  Call us today for more information.


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